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BINSAR HUTABARAT INSTITUTE: Peringatan Hari Guru Nasional

BINSAR HUTABARAT INSTITUTE: Peringatan Hari Guru Nasional: Peringatan Hari Guru Nasional Perlu Jadi Momen untuk Meningkatkan Kompetensi Profesional Guru di Indonesia Pada 25 November, sejak ditetapka...


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Keterlibatan Pendeta Dalam Politik

  URGENSI KETERLIBATAN PENDETA DALAM POLITIK PRAKTIS Markus Amid Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Injili Arastamar (SETIA) Ngabang Abstract This study aims to obtain and find data, research facts and their validity from the involvement of pastors in practical politics. Contribution to ethical leadership knowledge based on Christian values. The social activities carried out by pastors, be it in the scope of education, culture, economy to politics by a few people are interpreted as an effort to serve and as part of the lifestyle inherent in believers because the Bible of Matthew mentions the terms salt and light of the world. The functionality of salt and light to illuminate and exert constructive influence is a necessity in the midst of a deadlock in government and its derivative institutions. Therefore, pastors are not only focused on serving the congregation but also need to serve in government, including in the political field. The method used in this resea